Welcome to Uplift!

We here at Team Uplift are so excited to introduce something we've been working on for a long time: an all-inclusive application that puts the knowledge and power necessary to optimize your Amazon business in your hands.

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s of today, we are launching our beta testing period and inviting you to be a part of it! We've spent months with this app—testing and improving it as much as we can—and now it's your turn. Sign up for a beta account and find out how Uplift can help you!

The Uplift Story

Before we built Uplift, our team spent years working exclusively with selling on Amazon. Between successfully launching and selling our own manufactured products and working as consultants to help other brands amplify their revenue, we've encountered nearly every obstacle and frustration possible when trying to run a business through Amazon.

Along the way, we found a need for tools and strategies to help fill in the gaps which come from working only with the raw data that Amazon provides. We tested all the other software and apps on the market and found that while they each might solve one piece of the puzzle well, none of them were an all-in-one solution.

That's why we finally decided to create our own solution. We've combined all our years of experience selling on Amazon to create a one-stop, out-of-the-box solution for Amazon sellers. Our vision for Uplift is that it will have all the tools and features you need to analyze your performance and be fully equipped to take action in all parts of your business.

Uplift takes all those different puzzle pieces and fits them together to reveal the complete picture of your Amazon business.

What's Happening in Beta?

While we've relied on our own experiences and knowledge throughout the design and development stages, now we want to hear from other Amazon sellers. We consider this new beta period to be the most important stage yet in creating Uplift.

We know that any app is going to hit bumps in the road, have minor bugs, or possibly even reveal major oversights in our understanding of what people would want from a product like this. That's why we're relying on our beta users to test Uplift to the fullest. Poke holes in all our theories, push the features to their limits, and tell us if something's missing. We want Uplift to be the best it can be for all Amazon sellers, and we want to know what we can do better. Although our experience with Amazon is deep and covers a wide variety of product categories and sellers, we know there are some unique situations out there that we may not have accounted for. We want Uplift to serve those sellers' needs, too.

Our Beta users have the special chance to contribute their voice to Uplift and help mold it into what suits their needs.

Why Should You Participate in Beta?

Do you sell products on Amazon? Do you have difficulty knowing how to use your data to improve your business?  

Then you're exactly who we're looking for to use Uplift!

If you would like to join beta, you can sign up from any page on our website or go straight to our sign-up form here. If you're not sure about signing up yet but you'd like to stay in the loop, you can join our newsletter mailing list to get regular updates on our progress.

Users will receive exclusive benefits if they join Uplift during our beta testing phase. To show our appreciation to beta users for participating in this vital feedback process, we are offering three months of free access to the Uplift app. You will have total freedom to explore all of our live features and be the first to try out new features as we release them.

Whether you join beta now or want to wait a little longer, we hope you'll try us out and see how Uplift can take your business to a higher level.