Frequently Asked Questions

What Would You Like to Know?
How can Uplift help my Amazon business?
Uplift makes it easy to see all of your Amazon data in one place and understand how it is impacting your business. View metrics in every area as concisely or as in-depth as you want, make live changes to product pages with suggestions from Uplift on how to optimize product performance, and monitor all risks to your listings within the same app. Manage inventory, predict restocks, request customer reviews, launch and analyze advertising campaigns, conduct product and competitor research, and more in the Uplift app.
How do I sign up for Uplift?
You can access our free trial by using the sign up button at the top of any page on our website.
Can I only use Uplift if I sell in the US marketplace?
No, you will be able to add your marketplace location during the sign up process. Currently, we are offering our app to anyone in the following marketplaces: US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Italy, Brazil, India, China, Japan, and Australia.
Can I have multiple Seller accounts under one Uplift account?
No, you can only connect one Seller Central account to the Uplift app at a time.
How much does Uplift cost?
While we are in bBeta, your payment details are not required. If you have any questions about whether you will be charged and when, please contact us at

Once we begin charging for Uplift, we will have a tiered pricing system because we know that not every Amazon business is the same. You will be able to use our pricing calculator to enter how much annual revenue your business makes and preview how much you would be charged under the monthly or annual plan. After your first month on our free trial, we will use your sales performance to better calculate what tier you qualify for and update your pricing before asking you to select a plan.
Will I have to pay more for certain features?
While we are in beta, your payment details are not required. If you have any questions about whether you will be charged and when, please contact us at

No, both the monthly and annual plans cover all available features that Uplift has to offer. You will be able to preview all features in the free trial and they will all remain available once you start a payment plan.
When can I cancel my plan?
While we are in beta, the automatic cancellation process is not available yet. If you would like to cancel during the beta trial period, please contact us at and we will work with you to delete your data and remove your account.

You may cancel your plan at any point, but you will not receive a refund for any time remaining until what would have been the next renewal date.
Is my information safe on Uplift?
Uplift and the people who have built it understand that the data you provide is highly sensitive and respect its confidentiality. Uplift will only ever access your data in order to execute the functions of the app or provide support. All Uplift employees are under strict confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. We will only ever access your account with your permission and/or to address any issue you have with your account.
Will Uplift share my data with anyone else?
Uplift will never disclose your data or profile information to third-parties.
Is Uplift in compliance with the Amazon Terms of Service?
Yes, Uplift is in compliance with Amazon's ToS.
How can I contact someone at Uplift?
You can either use the customer service chat in the lower right hand of your screen or contact us directly at